Use ready-to-use Spray n San Ultra at home,  and  the gallon of FULLSAN concentrate for large commercial applications.   Fullsan informational flyer FullSan here  and Fullsan Technical Data Sheet here.

For overall health,:
DISINFECT YOUR HOMEwith #761 Industrial Germicidal  Cleaner, very popular as both a disinfectant and a bathroom cleaner. Hospital strength and rated to kill both staph and strep. Has a nice citrus smell too. Also great for  penetrating  dirt and stains on furniture, cupboards, and other hard surfaces,  including  dissolving dirt out of the crevices of textured refrigerator surfaces!  Every  home should have #901201Spray 'n San Ultra, an antibacterial  all-house cleaner that cleans, disinfects, deodorizes, and kills staph, salmonella, and pseudomonas.   See Bathroom Cleaning brochure above.

For big jobs, use Fullsan Germicidal Cleaner super-concentrate (click  for pdf  descriptive flyer). Use a Spray Bottle  to make your own Disinfectant Spray Cleaner to mist doorknobs,  stairway railings, etc. to help stop the spread of colds and flu.

Here is  a story from CNN (use Fullsan or Spray n San daily!):

Dishing the dirt on  office germs   By Simon Hooper for CNN

LONDON, England (CNN)  --It's not just computer viruses that you should worry about at  work.

According to a University of Arizona  study, a typical desk is capable of supporting up to 10 million  bacteria -- 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat.

And workers who believe their desks are  clean enough to eat their lunch off are in for a nasty shock.Longer office hours and the modern  appetite for workplace snacking have created an environment perfect  for bacterial contamination."For bacteria, a desk is really the lap  of luxury," said Dr. Charles Gerba, the University of Arizona  microbiologist who conducted the research in 2002."They can feast all day from breakfast to  lunch and even dinner."Gerba's study found that bacteria levels  increased drastically during the day, peaking after lunch.Telephones were worst affected, with  25,127 germs found in an average square inch on the receiver.  Desktops were also heavily contaminated, with 20,961 germs found.

Workers who prefer e-mail to the phone  aren't safe either. Keyboards were found to support 3,295 germs per  square inch, with another 1,676 settling on the mouse.By contrast, the average square inch of  toilet seat supports just 49 germs.

While many workers like to keep their  desk tidy, few actually worry about cleaning it.Even though crumbs and coffee spills are  capable of supporting mini eco-systems, the closest most office  space ever gets to a proper clean-up is an occasional cursory brush  with a duster."Without cleaning, a small  area on your  desk or phone can sustain millions of bacteria that could  potentially cause illness," said Gerba.The good news is that a little bit of  hygiene management goes a long way to tackling the problem.

Among office workers who were instructed  to clean their desks daily with disinfecting wipes, bacterial levels  were reduced by 99 percent."One good way  to kill bacteria and help  stop the spread of germs is to regularly clean your personal  workspace," said Gerba."Using disinfecting wipes can drastically  reduce your chances of illness."

And if you have to eat your lunch off  anything in the office, try the photocopier. With just 69 germs per  square inch, it's almost as clean as the bathroom.


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