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Mold Disinfectant: Some Facts About  Mold

Most of us have heard of mold, but don’t really know much about it. Until it  makes it sick, or we notice that something in our refrigerator or cupboard has  grown a layer of green fuzz, we don’t really think about it. The fact is mold is  a living fungus that exists all around us. It grows in our houses, often unseen,  and we should really have a good mold disinfectant on hand.


Repairing Household Cleaning  Equipment

One thing we probably don’t stop to think about everyday in terms or our home  is cleaning equipment repair. Of course as soon as something doesn’t work right,  then the subject comes to mind. The best way to avoid having to fix something is  to take care of it in the first place.


Save Money; Maintain Your Home

Many of us have learned the hard way, that if we don’t keep our cars, tools,  and other things we rely on in good working order, then we end up spending money  unnecessarily on repairsf you let any of these deteriorate, you’ll soon learn  about the cost of NOT doing home maintenance.....(read more)

Taking the Hassle out of Outdoor Cleaning with a BBQ  Grill Cleaner

There is nothing quite like a home cooked bbq on a summers day. Family,  friends, neighbours gathered round to enjoy a traditional hearty feast, the  mouth-watering smell of freshly cooked bbq classics and the company of loved  ones. BBQ’s are simple and easy to prepare, they are a meal suitable for many  occasions.


Preserving Your Car's Finish with a Bug  and Tar Remover

Summer is a great time for travel, but unfortunately, it is also the time of  year when asphalt and bugs are the most likely to build up on your car. A home  product specifically designed to remove road tar can combat both the  construction and bug buildup issues. In addition to tar, your car can attract  pieces of asphalt, tire rubber, grease, and oils. The sooner you are able to  remove these from your car.


Keep Your Car Looking its Best with Car  Care Polish Products

Whether you are a car enthusiast or simply want your vehicle to look its  best, using car care polish products will not only keep your car looking good,  it will also help your car retain its value and protect it from harmful  elements.Before treating your vehicle with a car wash polish, you'll need to  give it a thorough bath. Use a cleaning product specifically designed for cars,  as these do not contain abrasives found.


For many people, the car they drive is an outward expression of who they are.  The person who drives the Volkswagen van, for example, is far different from the  person who drives the BMW.When choosing a cleaning product, many people opt for  whatever is around the house. However, some cleaning agents, such as dishwashing  liquid, will clean right through the wax.


The Cleaning Tools for Car  Washing You Need to Make Yourself Look Good

The number one benefit of washing your car on a regular basis is that it  looks good. This is important because whether you admit it or not, your car says  a lot about you.Best Car Wash Soaps When thinking about your car washing  project, a natural question to ask is, "what kind of soap can I wash my car  with?....(read more)


Your Celebrations may not be good news for  your furniture

A party at home is as much a test of strength of your furniture as it is of  your nerves. However, a most conspicuous difference is- that while you may  afford the luxury of taking time off to relax and recuperate, your furniture  shall have none of it. A little negligence on your part could lead .



Make a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

We all know how easy it is for our week to get away from us. It seems strange  because we live in such a highly technical age. Sometimes it feels as if all  those toys that are supposed to help us live easier lives have actually taken  over the world. Instead of a little more down time, we’re constantly being  called on our cell phones, beeped, paged, and generally at the mercy of others  every hour of every day.


The Art of Waxing Your Floors

Floor waxing polishing and cleaning hard surfaced floors doesn’t have to be a  difficult job if you follow certain steps. Some people are tidy and can get by  with cleaning a kitchen floor every week, or even less frequently. For those who  aren’t quite as careful, it may need washing more often. . In the meantime  you’ll also want to know how to apply floor wax.

Antiques’ Connoisseur’s delight

Antique, a word usually associated with the exotic, has always been a  favorite with the connoisseurs of art. But why specifically attribute it to the  connoisseurs? We are all attracted to exotic things.Care that begins at Home:  The first step in the preservation of Antique wooden items is the thorough  cleaning of the items. Though extensive cleaning should be left to a  professional, one can remove the dust by using a soft brush. Wet cleaning is not  recommended for unfinished surfaces.


Keeping Dust Under Control with a Dust  Spray

For those with allergies or asthma, keeping dust under control is essential  to overall health. It is also a good idea for those without any health problems  and a buildup of dust can cause cold-like symptoms if breathed in too much.  Additionally, too much dust attracts other nuisances such as dust mites, which  live in dust and can spread to other parts of your home.


Eliminating Odors with an Effective Fabric  Deodorizer

Some odors seem to linger for days or even weeks, such as cigarette smoke and  pet smells. To maintain an odor-free home, regular treatment with a fabric  deodorizer is a safe and effective method. One of the key tricks to eliminating  odors is to find a method that safely eliminates the odor without masking  it.


Adding Fun to Your House Cleaning: Fuller  Brush Outlet Shopping

It seems we are all starting to sense we may be spending a little too much  time in front of computers. The seasons are changing outside the windows, but  the window right in front of us only changes with our screensaver.Don’t let  anyone belittle you for getting a good feeling from cleaning. It’s satisfying.  It’s physical.


How to Make the Most Out of Your Bathroom  Cleaning Products

One of the most important parts of your house cleaning routine is paying  attention to your bathroom, especially since you use it daily. It is ideal that  when you do your routine cleaning, bathroom maintenance should be done once a  week in order to keep it looking as good as new. Here are some bathroom cleaning  tips that will help keep your bathroom disinfected and clean.


Make Your Kitchen Sparkle With A Glass  Washing Brush

o doubt, if you take care of the cleaning in your home, you will have noticed  that it can cost you plenty of money month after month, to purchase those  expensive chemical based cleaning products to keep everything in your kitchen  and bathroom sparkling. Not only do these chemical based products cost you an  arm and a leg but they also can be harmful to your health.



How can you save time, space, and money in your  home, office, or place of business?

Discovering new uses for products you already have is one way to cut down on  homecare costs. One product that has many uses and solves your problems with  static control is an anti-static spray. Whether you are looking for home day  care supplies, homecare supplies...(read more)


Look good in leather - How to clean leather

There is something about leather that turns heads and catches attention. It  may be the smell, the texture or the classic style that comes with leather  products. Leather is a look that will never age. Because of the natural strength  and durability of leather its requires very little care and maintenance for  everyday use....(read more)


Travelling light - How to  pack light travelling with toddlers

Whether you’re packing to go for a walk to the park or your planning a trip  across country, when your travelling with toddlers packing poses a problem. How  to pack light travelling with toddlers is a little more difficult than packing  for an infant.It is often not a matter of how to pack...(read more)


How to Eat Enough Vegetables and Fruits  without All the Extra Pesticides

Pesticides are commonly used to prevent crops from being destroyed by insects  during their growth cycle. Pesticides also help to ward off small animals and  insects from harming harvested crops which are stored before being shipped to  consumers.There are a number of very popular fruits and vegetables which have  been found to have a high number of pesticide contaminants....(read more)


Helpful Household Hints: How to Make a  Relaxing Bath and More

In today’s article of helpful household hints, we will be talking about two  ways to make your guests feel welcome. First, we will be discussing how to make  a relaxing bath that your guests can either enjoy or take home with them after  their stay. And then we will be giving advice on how to decorate a guest  bathroom to make anyone feel right at home....(read more)


Put the shine back into your life -  Jewelry cleaner solutions

Whether you like to sparkle in gold or silver, diamonds or pearls personal  jewelry is one of the most cherished and important accessories you will own.  Jewelry can symbolize love, affection and commitment. It can be an accessory to  top of any outfit or combination of clothing. Jewelry...(read more)


Hot Cars Take Time and Effort

Auto show hobbyists find themselves meting new challenges as they begin the  process of preparing their entries, whether they are working on an antique, a  classic, or a new vehicle. Finding how to use the best automobile detailing  supplies to achieve the wanted results ....(read  more)


Use Car Cleaning Products Regularly to Protect  Your Investment

Our cars are exposed to pollutants in the air, and to weather of all types,  from hot sun to snow and sleet. We expect them to drive highways and muddy,  uneven back roads. We expect their motors to run every time we turn the key in  the ignition. We complain about the price of gas, the expense of  insurance.....(read more)


Organize Your Sewing or Craft Room

One of the most cost-effective hobbies a person can have is needlework. The  hobbyist concentrates on a creative, relaxing pastime that produces an  attractive, useful item to wear, to use in the home, or to give as a gift. Also,  as lifestyles become more and more hectic, these skills, once practiced by  members of most households, have become increasingly rare.....(read more)


Hardwood Floor Care Tips

Natural, renewable materials are again becoming popular in home decor.  Homeowners are choosing solid woods, laminates, and veneers for their cabinets,  furniture, and hardwood floors because natural wood is durable and easy to care  for. There is an abundant selection of wood products for home use, ranging from  inexpensive pines, maples, and laminated woods to tropical hardwoods like....(read more)


The Tradition of Air Fragrances

From the beginning of recorded history, people the world over have valued  fragrance as a way to worship, to heal the sick, to calm nerves, to attract a  mate, and to create a restful space to call home. Traditionally, various parts  of plants, including fruits, berries, flowers, leaves, bark, resins or sap, and  the woods themselves have been the source of these relaxing fragrances......(read more)


Keeping Your Shower Stalls Clean and Tidy

Your shower should be a nice, calming place to unwind, an oasis of comfort  where you can wash away the day’s troubles along with the day’s dirt. Your  morning or evening shower should relax you and make you feel clean and healthy.  But, if the shower stall is always dirty....(read  more)

Bathing Children the Right Way:Make Soap and Water  Time Special

Baby’s first bath at home can be in a special infant tub or in a sink next to  a counter or dressing table in a warm room. Gather a fresh diaper, a soft wash  cloth, soft towel, mild soap, swabs, lotions, and any other product recommended  by your family doctor for baby skin care....(read  more)  

Automotive Detailing: How to Clean Automotive  Upholstery

Maintaining or restoring the "looks-like-new" condition of their automobiles  is a consuming interest for most car owners. Most owners are interested in  preserving their investment, and in enjoying the full use of their vehicle as  long as possible. Other owners are interested in restoring a vehicle to the best  condition possible in order to sell.....(read  more)



The required steps to clean toilets  efficiently

Even the words clean the toilet can cause dread and panic in all but the  most hardened of household cleaners. It can take time and is not a pleasurable  way to spend half an hour of anyone’s time, but by using some effective steps to  clean toilets and maintaining a regular cleaning regime.....(read more)


The Cost of NOT Doing Home Maintenance: Free  Home Maintenance Tips for The Bathroom

Now that you’ve spent the money on the home of your dreams, have you stopped  to consider the cost of NOT doing home maintenance? You are putting your family  at risk if you are not taking care of your home-both in terms of their safety  and their health. Here are some......(read  more)


What Are Some Economical Things That Eliminate  Odors?

Running a household is not easy. Between keeping up with children and pets,  maintaining sanitary conditions in and around the home, and providing your  family with a nurturing environment, housekeeping is one of the hardest jobs  around. So how is it that you can spend.....(read  more)


Use a dryer lint vent cleaning  tool to help expand the lifespan of your dryer

Clothing is an import part of our everyday life. We cannot avoid using them  even though we might be self-anointed nudists. So it is important that we learn  how to take care of them as they protect us from the many elements of nature.  Washing and caring for your clothing.......(read more)


Don’t leave your blinds hanging -  Vertical blinds cleaning tips

Are constantly fighting off dust in the battle to keep your home fresh and  clean? Do you feel like your losing the battle against grease and grime? What  does your home say about you? Household cleaning is a regular, ongoing and  everyday job. It can seem never ending and is often thankless....(read more)


Minimising the chaos - What to pack for  college

As your teen embarks on their college adventures the excitement; apprehension  and general chaos can be distracting. The process of your child leaving home for  the first time is daunting. You want them to be prepared for their college  experience. Being prepared is much more than ....(read more)


What to Pack for College: Part  One

The excitement of college can be overwhelming, but there is also work to be  done. If you’re headed to a college far away from home, knowing what to pack for  college will give you a sense of peace as you put miles between you and your  parents. So here is your first college class in how to pack for college.....(read more)


What to Pack for Travel: The Essentials of  Business Travel Packing

Knowing what to pack for travel can make for a smooth transition from one  work location to the next. The essentials of business travel packing take into  consideration all of the possible events that you may need to attend while also  realizing that free nights may not always mean that you can.....(read more)


The Precious floor on which you tread

Are you floored by your floor? Every time you invite your friends over, do  you feel uneasy when someone accidentally sloshes water over your elegant wooden  floor or spills his drink or an adorable little angel wipes his chocolaty hands  on your floor? All of us do! But instead......(read  more)


How to Get Rid of Musty Odors in  Clothing

You have so many clothes you had to put some in storage. Perhaps you have a  small closet and it can’t accommodate your wardrobe year round. Perhaps you have  some clothing that is meaningful to you, such as a wedding dress. Perhaps you  gained a little weight and want to hold on to your smaller-sized clothing for  when it fits again. Whatever your reason, when you pulled your items. ... ( read more )


What to Pack for Labor and  Delivery

There is nothing in this world more exciting than preparing  for the birth of your new baby. You’ve got the diapers, the crib, the comforter,  the 42 tiny little t-shirts and creepers - but you’re forgetting something,  aren’t you? Before you get to bring baby home from the hospital, you get to GO  to the hospital
... (


The Science of Eliminating  Odors

According to scientists, air fresheners date back to the times of the ancient  Egyptians, who used musk and other natural products to scent their homes and  their tombs. I suspect it goes back even further, to the cave woman who figured  out that throwing a pine cone into the cooking fire made her whole cave smell  better. Over the years, man (or woman) has discovered many things....(read more)


How to clean upholstery

How often do you clean your house? Once a week? How often do you clean your  upholstery? Keeping upholstery clean is often an after-thought and usually only  occurs once a year during spring cleaning. However, clean upholstery is  essential to a clean house. Dirt, dust, and ...(read  more)


Surprising Cleaning Facts That Can Cut  Your Weekly Cleaning Time In Half

Cleaning takes time that most of us would rather use doing other (more fun)  things. The average adult spends about 10 hours a week just keeping up on  regular cleaning. That’s more than one full work day
 .....(read more)


Winterize Your Boat - Inside and  Out

When its’ time to put your boat away from the winter, paying attention to a  few details can ensure that you take her out in the spring fresh and ready to  go. Winterizing your boat properly will protect not only the engine, but every  part of it from damage and wear that a winter of disuse can inflict. Your boat  owner manual is the best place for information on winterizing .....(read more)


The Best Way To Clean A Clogged  Drain

Clogs happen. Kids pour things down the drain they shouldn’t. Sludge builds  up and slows the water. Your toothbrush slips down the drain. Hair, grease and  random objects can turn your free-flowing drains into closed. ... ( read more )


Remove Grease Stains from  Clothes

Its wash day and some of your clothes are a mess. Maybe you  changed the oil and there is a grease stain on your favorite jeans. Perhaps you  were cooking and spilled some oil on one of your shirts. It may look hopeless,  but it is possible to REMOVE GREASE STAINS FROM your CLOTHES ... ( read more )


The History of the  Hairbrush

We may think of hairbrushes as utilitarian tools for grooming - but it hasn’t  always been that way. Once upon a time, comb, hairbrush and mirror sets were  treasured luxuries that were often given as gifts to new brides, or as romantic  anniversary gifts from husbands to wives....(read  more)



Keeping a beautiful home is an art. Some days, you may feel as if you have  your home under control. Other days, keeping track of your home seems nearly  impossible. Maintaining a HOUSEKEEPING CHORES LIST ...(read more)


Mold Disinfectant: Some Facts About Mold


Most of us have heard of mold, but don’t really know much about  it. Until it makes it sick, or we notice that something in our refrigerator or  cupboard has grown a layer of green fuzz, we don’t really think about it. The  fact is mold is a living fungus that exists all around us. It grows in our  houses, often unseen, and we should really have a good mold disinfectant on  hand.

Mold spreads easily because it sends out tiny spores that the air  carries everywhere. The spores are invisible and their goal in life is to be  warm, damp, and find food. The trouble is many common materials in our homes are  what give them life. Things we take for granted as part of our daily lives such  as clothing, carpet, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, dust, and books, when existing in  the right temperature and humidity cause mold to flourish and spread unless  treated by a mold disinfectant.

Not everyone experiences symptoms when exposed to mold, just as  not everyone reacts to pollen in the air during the spring and summer, or cat  dander all of the time. Even if this is true in your case, it doesn’t mean that  it’s healthy to be breathing mold. Some possible ill-effects are runny nose,  itching or burning eyes, cough, asthma, or other respiratory problems. Go online  or contact your local health department to find get rid of mold in my house free  information.

Taking Action

Since you usually can’t see mold, your first clue that you may  have it is a damp, musty, or mildew like odor in a room or particular area of  your home. Learn more about detecting mold from reading up on it in get rid of  mold in my house free information literature or website. Mold


Caring for Specialty Floors and Furniture with a Dry  Cleaning Mop

While it may seem counterintuitive, some types of flooring and furniture are  best cleaned dry using a dry cleaning mop or in combination with a light cleaner  such as a dusting spray. Hard wood floors and laminates, for example, can be  damaged by too much moisture. In order to keep the finish on these floors in the  best condition, a cleaning mop specially designed for this purpose can create  the best clean. A dry mop made from 100% cotton, for example, will not scratch  the delicate surfaces on polished hard wood floors or specialty laminates. Over  time, even the smallest scratches can create a dull appearance.

Dry cleaning mops are designed in such a way as to pick up and retain dust  and small particles. As such, they are good for collecting dirt in between  deeper cleanings. They also reduce the spread of dust and small dirt particles  into the air, which can exacerbate allergies and asthmas. When used in  combination with a dusting product, the chances of dust being kicked into the  air by the mop are even smaller.

When cleaning a hardwood or laminate floor with a dry mop, begin at the far  end of the room and work inward, using a figure eight pattern on the floor. This  keeps the dust and particles moving toward you and is much easier on your back  as it distributes the effort more evenly through your arms and back. Avoid using  the mop to push the dirt and grime away from you as this can create dust flying  up. The pulling motion, on the other hand, keeps the mop head in contact with  the floor that eliminates dust kicking up. Keep the mop head in contact with the  floor as you clean. Even though the cleaning mop is dry, it is a different  cleaning motion than a broom.

Avoid the temptation to use your dry mop as a wet mop. These cleaning mops  are specifically designed to be used dry, and while they may work as a wet mop,  it won't be as effective thereafter as either a wet or dry mop. Additionally,  dry cleaning mops do not have a mechanism for squeezing out excess liquid, which  is both messy and hard on your hands and back. Besides, many specialty floorings  should never be cleaned using a wet mop, such as Pergo and others. If you have  specialty flooring in your home, be sure to read the manufacturer's  recommendations on the care. Using the right tool for the job is one of the best  tricks in effective cleaning and ultimately saves time and money.

When using a cleaning mop designed to be used dry, avoid scrubbing the floor  with the mop. For caked on dirt or grime, other cleaning methods should be  employed, using products and guidelines specific to your type of flooring.  Because the cleaning mop is designed to trap and hold dirt, putting too much  pressure on the mop can create scratches on the floor caused by the dirt  particles trapped inside the mop.

Depending on the style, the best mop will be designed in such a way that in  can be used to reach under low and heavy furniture such as beds or bookcases.  This allows you to clean without having to break your back moving heavy  furniture. It also eliminates the need to drag out a heavy vacuum to clean a  small area. Some cleaning mops have the added benefit of removable heads that  can be used as a hand duster, which eliminates the need to purchase specialty  dusters or mitts. (One such example is the Fuller Brush #275 dry mop). The  ability to replace the heads also eliminates the need for purchasing a new dry  mop when the old one becomes too dirty.

Even with the removable head feature, you can still clean a cleaning mop head  prior to replacing it. To avoid scattering dust in the house, take the cleaning  mop outside and give it a good shake. Because these mops are designed to retain  dust, it may take a bit of effort. If you use the mop with a dusting product, be  sure to allow the mop ample time to dry before shaking out the excess dust.  Avoid banging the dry mop head on walls, cement, or other outdoor furniture as  this can damage the head.

To keep your cleaning mop in the best possible condition, store it upside  down or hanging from a wall so that there is no pressure on the mop head. This  helps your mop remain the best mop possible for as long as possible.

Cleaning Soap and Scum: Tips and Tools for Minimizing  Buildup

One of the most unpleasant cleaning chores can be cleaning soap and scum  buildup. If the buildup is quite bad, the process of cleaning soap and scum take  a few cleaning applications. However, there are some tips to preventing soap  scum and some methods to remove it quickly and easily.

Soap scum and buildup develops from the ingredients in hard soaps (bars) and  the dirt and minerals that are removed when showering and bathing. Soap is made  from sodium or potassium fatty acids and created through a process called  saponification. The result is an emulsifying substance that can separate dirt  and oil in water so that these can be removed from items such as clothing. One  problem with soap is that they can be converted into fatty acids that form soap  scum. This is a particular problem with hard water. The mineral talc is also  used in soaps. The talc helps the minerals adhere to the shower, and before you  know it, a buildup of soap scum develops, and cleaning soap and scum is  required.

For cleaning soap and scum, a commercial product specifically designed for  this purpose is recommended. These products are chemically designed to clean the  components of soap scum. For built up soap scum, it may be necessary to repeat  the process a few times. For cleaning soap and scum, the product must "sit" on  the problem area. This works fine for the edges of a bathtub, for example, but  can create a problem on walls. As such, a foaming product is best, as the foam  will stay on the problem area longer than a liquid. (One such product is the  Fuller Brush "#780 Bath Clean.) Follow the directions on the label for how long  to keep the soap scum remover on the problem area. All types of dried on soap  scum will require the use of a sponge or brush to remove. The extra friction  helps remove the buildup. If the dried on soap scum is thick, a stiff-bristled  brush may be necessary for thoroughly cleaning soap and scum. If the soap scum  buildup is on a flat surface, a razor blade is also very effective--and more  dangerous, of course, so exercise caution when using this tool. For lesser  buildup, a standard sponge with a scouring side and soft side should do the  trick for cleaning soap and scum that is not thick.

After removing dried on soap scum with a soap scum remover, regular  maintenance and prevention is key. When shopping for products for cleaning soap  and scum, look for a product that includes some type of barrier protection.  These create a wax-like barrier on your tub and shower wall that helps prevent  soap scum from adhering to the surface. Although everyone is busy these days, a  quick, two-step process can help prevent the build-up of dried on soap scum and  will save time later when you are doing other things rather than cleaning soap  and scum! First, after every shower or bath, use a squeegee or cloth to remove  soap residue. Follow this by spraying the shower and tub with a product for  cleaning soap and scum. Avoid spraying the bottom of the tub as this can make it  very slippery. This daily routine will save a lot of time later. Cleaning soap  and scum in this manner prevents the long-term buildup that can take hours to  clean. If you are cleaning your tub and shower in this manner on a daily basis,  a weekly, thorough clean with a soap scum remover should keep the problem in  check.

If you have a serious problem that keeps recurring despite the above methods,  hard water could be causing or contributing to the problem. Hard water has a  high content of dissolved minerals that easily build up on fixtures. When this  is combined with soap, soap scum is the result. Consider changing to soft water  or looking into filters. While this may seem like a drastic approach, the change  will help your soap and other cleaning products work more effectively and will  help save your back from excessive strain cleaning soap and scum.

Another contributor to soap scum buildup is the type of soap used. There are  many varieties, and some add to buildup more than others, which means more time  cleaning soap and scum. Try switching brands until you find one that creates  less of a problem. If you have both hard water and cannot find a soap product  that reduces buildup, consider switching to a liquid soap. These do not create  as much of a problem of dried on soap scum as others. Therefore, cleaning soap  and scum will not be such a recurring issue and you can spend your time doing  much more enjoyable things!

The Art of Waxing Your Floors

Floor waxing polishing and cleaning hard surfaced floors doesn’t  have to be a difficult job if you follow certain steps. One thing that’s  definite is that you should keep it as clean as possible. In other words, if you  let dirt, food, liquids, and anything else you drop or spill build up; it will  take a lot longer to remove them. Some people are tidy and can get by with  cleaning a kitchen floor every week, or even less frequently. For those who  aren’t quite as careful, it may need washing more often. If you want to do some  spot cleaning, just mop with clear water in between scrubbings. In the meantime  you’ll also want to know how to apply floor wax.

Once a year or so, depending on the age and condition of the flooring, you  may want to consider removing built up floor wax. If you live in an older home  and haven’t replaced the vinyl or linoleum, built up wax will discolor it.  Eventually, you’ll want to put down a new floor in some areas, but until you, do  apply some shine every so often (#661 Fuller Brush Labor Saver Floor  Finish).

It’s also a very good idea to get in the habit of vacuuming or sweeping  floors everyday. It makes particular good sense in high traffic areas where you  have vinyl or tile, or a similar treatment. We don’t always see it until there  are large amounts, but dust and other small particles can accumulate. Before we  notice, we have a much harder job ahead of us in the floor waxing polishing and  cleaning realm, than we’d expected. The small things get ground in as we walk on  the flooring and they’re tougher to get out. There’s no point in knowing how to  apply floor wax until you take the old off if there’s significant build-up.

We’ll discuss how to apply floor wax in a bit, but first let me go over some  steps to take in actually washing your floors.

1. Move anything that isn’t too heavy for you out of your way
2.  Thoroughly sweep to get rid of any loose material
3. Pour your favorite  cleaner onto the floor or have it in bucket ready to apply
4. Have a bucket  of cooler rinse water ready if it’s needed
5. Mop the floor with cleaner,  squeeze the mop as dry as possible, then use the clear rinse water

How to Apply Floor Wax

Before you get out the wax, there are a couple of things you should know  about how to apply floor wax. Before you apply it, your floor should be clean  and dry. To ensure that it’s as clean as possible, wash it and let it dry just  before waxing. If you haven’t done it for a while, you’ll have to go through the  steps for removing built up floor wax.

You can look online to read up on various methods for preserving your floors.  You can also look through helpful household cleaning tips. In addition to the  Internet, you’ll be able to find books and pamphlets at the library and book  stores.

One way of removing built up floor wax manually, is to mix detergent and  ammonia with water and apply to the floor with a mop or sponge. This is one  formula for a homemade wax remover. Wait a few minutes until the old wax starts  to soften and then it’s time for some elbow grease. Use a stiff brush or steel  wool to get down to the very base of the old wax. Another way is to use a  non-abrasive wax stripper (#662 Fuller Brush Labor Saver Floor Finish Stripper).

After removing built up floor wax you need to study up on how to apply floor  wax. The main thing is to make sure the floor is clean. There isn’t any point to  put a nice shine on top of a dirty floor.

If you don’t already know, find out what the floor is made of. Different  materials call for various types of floor waxing polishing and cleaning. There  are basics that have been around for years like vinyl and linoleum. Newer homes  often have flooring made from marble, tile, hardwood, or wood composites, among  other things.

When you’ve reached the stage where you’re ready to learn how to apply floor  wax, you’ll need to know if there is a specific wax you should be using. Instead  of crawling around on your knees, buy something to apply the wax with (# 152824  Fuller Wax Applicator).

Floor waxing polishing and cleaning isn’t necessarily fun unless you’re a  cleaning fanatic. It certainly doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. If you  learn some helpful hints, you’ll not only take pride in your beautiful, shiny  floors, you won’t be totally exhausted.

Antiques Connoisseur’s delight

Antique, a word usually associated with the exotic, has always  been a favorite with the connoisseurs of art. But why specifically attribute it  to the connoisseurs? We are all attracted to exotic things. The beautiful pearl  studded chest, the wooden trinket box that you picked up on your last visit to  India (that belonged to a Mughal Queen!) or that oh so antique looking armchair!  . We all wish to display antiques in our homes. They add that extra touch of  elegance and style. Everything that looks antique, however, is not antique. In  the U.S, furniture over 100 years old is usually referred to as Antiques

It’s all very well if you wish to indulge yourself by buying that  beautiful wooden chest but do you also wish to pass on this antique to your  future generations by preserving it in the same condition as it was in, when you  first bought it? For this, it is essential that you store, display and handle  your antique wooden items with extra care. Antique furniture cannot be handled  as carelessly as your modern furniture. Don’t make the mistake of considering  your antique furniture as wood. It is a pity that every year, in thousands of  homes, wonderful pieces of art are destroyed due to sheer ignorance and lack of  caution.

The Enemies of your Treasure

To appreciate the means of preserving your antique wooden items, you should  first familiarize yourself to the various causes of its damage and try your best  to eliminate them. Below are few precautions that you must take when handling  your antique wooden items.
? Be extra careful when moving your antique wooden  furniture. Remove all substances (even a piece of jewelry or watch) that may  scratch the furniture. Also, avoid dragging your furniture.
? Wood is  sensitive to light. So, Never place your antique wooden items in areas of bright  light.
? Avoid placing the wooden items near sources of heat and keep a check  on the humidity level (a light meter and a hygrometer are good investments, in  this regard).
? Check your wooden furniture at regular intervals to detect  any signs of infestation. If infested, isolated the piece immediately and get it  examined by a wood conservator.

Preserve your Heirlooms’

Care that begins at Home: The first step in the preservation of Antique  wooden items is the thorough cleaning of the items. Though extensive cleaning  should be left to a professional, one can remove the dust by using a soft brush.  Wet cleaning is not recommended for unfinished surfaces. For finished products,  you may use a dilute detergent (the strength should ideally be 1% detergent in  distilled water). Use a soft cloth for cleaning the surface. You may also use  cotton balls for cleaning. Rinse off the detergent with a soft cloth or cotton  balls. After cleaning, wipe the surface clean with a soft dry cloth. Make sure  that no residues of the detergent or moisture are left on the surface.

Commercial products that help: one of the most useful products available for  the care of antique wooden items is a fine quality beeswax polish. Ideal for use  once in a year, beeswax polish should be used in small quantities and applied  with a soft cloth. Silicone based furniture wax is also recommended for this  purpose (Fuller Brush #749 Lemon D.C.W. Furniture Wax). A cleaning or polishing  mitt is ideal for polishing wooden items (Fuller Brush # 158 Polishing &  Cleaning Mitt). Other than beeswax and silicone based polishes, a huge array of  other products are available in the market for the care of antique wooden items.  The range includes oils, waxes, and sprays (Fuller Brush # 741 Lemon Furniture  Oil, Fuller Brush #692 Rich Furniture Cream, Fuller Brush # 9407, Spray’n  Polish). For use of the chemical sprays, spray triggers are separately available  at leading stores (Fuller Brush # 9000 Spray Trigger). Brushes are a great idea  when you want to dust away loose dust particles from your wooden furniture  (Fuller Brush # 5718 Counter/ Bench brush).

Last, but definitely not the Least

?Never tamper with the original finish of your antique wooden item. It is  symbolic of the historical value of your antique.
? When damaged  accidentally, get your antique repaired as quickly as possible. Always refer a  qualified furniture or wood conservator.

Taking the Hassle out of Outdoor Cleaning with a BBQ Grill  Cleaner

There is nothing quite like a home cooked bbq on a summers day.  Family, friends, neighbours gathered round to enjoy a traditional hearty feast,  the mouth-watering smell of freshly cooked bbq classics and the company of loved  ones. BBQ’s are simple and easy to prepare, they are a meal suitable for many  occasions, they bring together traditional tastes and innovative cooking ideas.  Pretty much any food you can think of you can barbecue to perfection, from  steaming seafood, delicious tender cuts of beef, lamb or chicken to a variety of  garden vegetables. BBQ’s are a simple healthy alternative for everyday cooking  needs or special occasions. However what is simple in preparation can be a  nightmare to clean. The tough grilled leftovers can make this job far more time  consuming than it needs to be. What you need first and foremost to counteract  this problem is quality bbq grill cleaner (Fullers Barbecue Cleaner).

There are a variety of tips, tricks and ideas when it comes to the best  method for cleaning your BBQ. The most important is to purchase a trustworthy  top quality bbq grill cleaner that is suitable for your grill. This type of  cleaner just takes the stress out of cleaning your grill. It significantly  loosens burnt on grease and leftover food scrapes making it easier to brush away  the excess. If you want your bbq grill to last then cleaning is essential after  every use. It is best to do this fairly soon after using your bbq. When the bbq  is still slightly warm you will be able to lift unwanted scrapes of easily and  cleaning will be a breeze. Choose a non-offensive, lightly scented cleaner so  you don’t bombard your guests with an unappetizing smell.

You should always use stainless steal grill cleaners on your bbq. These are  the most effective for fighting burnt-on leftovers and ground in grease. Lightly  brush your grill after spraying with your outdoor grill cleaner. If you combine  the two then you shouldn’t have too many problems removing excess mess from your  bbq. Stainless steal grill cleaners won’t scratch the surface of your bbq like  other brushes and cleaners might. If you have neglected the cleaning of your bbq  for a while and the situation requires heavy duty cleaning action, don’t fret.  Simply apply your bbq cleaner and go to work with your trusty grill brush  (fullers barbecue grill brush). You bbq will be sparkling and ready to use in no  time.

Another helpful tip to really finish off the job is a quick rinse with some  warm soapy water and a brush. You want a brush with fairly strong stainless  steel bristles to do the job. After using a bbq cleaner you will find this final  step just adds that shine to your bbq. These steps will not only save you time  and hassle but they will help you maintain the quality of your bbq. A bbq is a  significant purchase and you want to make it last as long as possible. If you  take care of it then it will provide you with those bbq meals you love for a  long time to come.

There is a range of theories on what is best for bbq cleaning. It is  important to note that every bbq is different and some take less cleaning than  others. The key is go with products you trust and know are going to get the job  done. Some essential principals to consider when it comes to bbq cleaning  include purchasing a non abrasive, non offensive spray on cleaner, your cleaning  brush should have stainless steal bristles that can handle the most heavy duty  job. You should clean your bbq after every use and preferably while the grill is  still warm. You may like to use soapy water and a cloth or brush to give it that  shiny finish.

You might find it useful to keep a handy box of tools with your bbq. Include  in this toolbox; your outdoor grill cleaner or bbq grill cleaner, barbecue  brush, some liquid soap and a cloth or sponge for surfaces. So now you can enjoy  your bbq favourites without all the hassles you may have previously endured. You  are on your way to a sizzling summer.

Preserving Your Car's Finish with a Bug and Tar  Remover

Summer is a great time for travel, but unfortunately, it is also  the time of year when asphalt and bugs are the most likely to build up on your  car. If you've ever driven through a construction site with fresh asphalt, you  know how frustrating it can be knowing that you'll have to get that gunk off  somehow. Keeping a good bug and tar remover on hand is one way to ensure you'll  be able to keep your car in good condition throughout the summer season.

Road trips are great, but the inevitable bug buildup is not. It's an  unfortunate aspect of car travel that bugs will end up on your windshield,  grill, and headlights. While the windshield wipers provided at gas stations do a  fair job at removing built up bug, they often do not do a great job.  Additionally, the cleaning solution is often so dirty that adds more grime  rather than remove it. Cleaning your grill and headlights is also difficult with  the wiper provided at the gas station, and the next people in line may not be  too keen on waiting for you to finish.

A home product specifically designed to remove road tar can combat both the  construction and bug buildup issues. In addition to tar, your car can attract  pieces of asphalt, tire rubber, grease, and oils. The sooner you are able to  remove these from your car, the better it is for the finish. These elements  stick to your cars surface firmly, and a regular cleansing routine is often not  enough to combat the problem. To remove stain, tar, and bugs, you need a much  stronger cleaning agent: one that is made for these elements.

Solvents are agents that are capable of dissolving other substances. A bug  and tar remover will dissolve the oils and grime on your car so that you can  easily wipe it off. But and tar removers are solvents that will remove the tar  without removing the finish on your car. This is important, because as you  probably already know, some solvents are designed to remove paint and other  chemicals (think turpentine). When using these types of solvents, it is  important that you read and follow directions carefully. Some products are  considered hazardous and require special handling. Also, of course, keep these  products out of the reach of children and away from direct heat.

Removing bug from your car also requires a special agent such as a bug and  tar remover. While a squished bug looks innocent, it can actually cause a bit of  damage to your finish. The tiny bits of exoskeleton can make tiny scratches in  your finish that can become larger scratches or rust. Bugs also deposit acidic  fluids on your car, and most everyone knows how damaging acid can be! Bugs on  your car become a chemical mix that is firmly attached, requiring a chemical  process for complete removal. Definitely more of a job than the gas station  wipers can handle!

A bug and tar remover product will make it much easier to clean those  difficult areas as well. The design of your grill is great for keeping the  radiator and engine cool, but it's also perfectly designed for trapping a large  collection of bugs. A wiper cannot get into the nooks and crannies of the grill,  but a good solvent can quickly remove road tar and bugs in those hard to reach  areas. This is the same for your headlights. The curved shapes make it difficult  to reach all the buildup without the use of a cloth and a quality solvent (such  as the Fuller Brush product "#797 tar and bug remover").

When using a bug and tar remover on your finish, avoid excessive scrubbing  and wiping. Allow enough time for the bug and tar remover to work. Depending on  how thick the buildup, this may take a bit of time. However, the solvent will  dissolve the grime without scratching, whereas scrubbing on your part can cause  damage. Use a soft terry cloth to wipe the bug and grime clean after the solvent  has set on the problem area. If needed, repeat the procedure to remove stain,  tar, and other buildup.

Following a treatment to remove road tar, you'll need to re-wax your car to  fill in the damaged areas and prevent further harm. Remove the bug stain, tar,  and other elements with a bug and tar remover, and then thoroughly wash your car  with a cleaning agent designed for cars. Dry your car using 100% cotton towels,  and apply a car wax product. This will help ensure that any future run-ins with  bugs and tar will not create too much damage.

Keep Your Car Looking its Best with Car Care  Polish Products

Whether you are a car enthusiast or simply want your vehicle to  look its best, using car care polish products will not only keep your car  looking good, it will also help your car retain its value and protect it from  harmful elements. A car's finish can quickly be damaged by the elements,  including the sun, dirt, salt, and debris. A quality finish on your car can help  minimize damage from all of these. Protecting your car is faster and easier than  you might think. Using car care polish products in between waxing is a great way  to keep your car shiny and add extra protection.

Before treating your vehicle with a car wash polish, you'll need to give it a  thorough bath. Use a cleaning product specifically designed for cars, as these  do not contain abrasives found in many household cleaning products. Your goal is  to protect your car, not add any damage, and using the right tools for the job  will ensure this happens. When washing your car, do not do so in direct  sunlight, as this can cause damage. Also, wait until the motor has cooled if the  car was recently driven. Pour a small amount of the car wash liquid into a  bucket of cool water, and wet your car with a hose. Use a car wash mitt to  remove dirt and grime rather than a high-pressure sprayer on your hose. For  stubborn or caked on dirt and grime, such as around the base of the car and the  tires, you may need to use another bucket or mitt. A high-powered sprayer may be  used on tires and wheel wells. Do not go back to clean the upper part of your  car with a dirty mitt after cleaning the lower parts of your car. If you missed  a spot, use a fresh mitt. Rinse your car with a regular hose; you do not need to  use a high-pressure sprayer on the body of the car. Before you apply car care  polish products, you need to dry your car carefully.

How you dry your car prior to using a black car polish or colored car polish  is important. Be sure to find a few towels made of 100% cotton. After you've  washed your car, dry it with the towels by patting the car rather than wiping.  Again, this helps prevent any scratching. Start at the top and work your way  down. Be sure that you do not miss any water spots. When the car is dry, you  will need additional terry cloth or specialty towels for the polish. This ensures  that you do not scratch the finish and helps you apply the polish evenly. You  will need one or two to apply the car care polish products, and a few more to  shine the vehicle afterwards.

Following the directions on the car wash polish product, again begin at the  top and work your way down. Start with the roof, applying about a one-inch  amount of black car polish or colored car polish to the cloth. Work in small  areas using a circular motion. You only need to apply polish to each area once,  allowing it to dry to a haze. When the polish has dried, use another towel to go  back over the area, again using small, light, circular motions. Work each  section, applying the car care polish products, allowing it to dry, and buffing  it. Do not apply too much pressure, but rather, work to give the car wash polish  a nice shine. As you apply the car care polish products, use a lighter touch  around corners, as these areas have a thinner layer of paint.

To care for your car polish towels, wash them using a liquid fabric softener,  as this will keep them in the best condition for polishing and buffing your car.
When using a car care polish products, be sure to read the directions  carefully. Not all car wash polishes work the same way. Also, to keep your car  looking its best, use a wax product every four to six months. The time of year,  where you live, where you keep your car, and how often you drive it will all  determine how often you should wax. The color of your vehicle is also a factor.  Black, white, or red cars need to be waxed more often. Using a quality car wash  polish product in between will help your car look its best (one example is the  Fuller Brush product "#796 quick shine car polish"). Quality car care polish  products are those you can use on any color car.

Treat Your Car Right: Using a Car Wash and  Wax

For many people, the car they drive is an outward expression of who they are.  The person who drives the Volkswagen van, for example, is far different from the  person who drives the BMW. Many of us have a special attachment to our cars,  whether they are vintage classics or modern-day SUVs. We spend a great deal of  time in our cars, commuting to work, driving the kids to soccer practice, and  going out for groceries. As a result, many people treat and care for their cars  with great attention. And this certainly is not a bad idea. The car that is well  cared for will last longer, look better, and, should you decide to sell or  trade, will retain a higher retail and trade-in value. One way to keep your  vehicle looking its best is to treat it regularly with a car wash and wax.

While some people opt for the drive through car wash, these can add up very  quickly, and often do not allow sufficient drying time before you have to drive  off into heavy traffic and dirty streets. One way to quickly add more dirt and  grime to your car is to drive it into traffic while wet with a fresh coat of  wax! Obviously, this completely defeats the purpose of a car wash and wax! A  more economical way is to do a home car wash and wax. It doesn't take as much  time as you might think, and it's a great way to enjoy a beautiful afternoon.  What's more, a home car wash and wax uses significantly less water than  commercial car washes, which is good for the environment. You do not need nearly  that much water to clean your car effectively. All you need is a good quality  car wash and wax product, a bucket, hose, and non-abrasive towel. That's it!

When choosing a cleaning product, many people opt for whatever is around the  house. However, some cleaning agents, such as dishwashing liquid, will clean  right through the wax on your car, leaving it vulnerable to the elements. Even  dishwashing detergent labeled "gentle" is not appropriate. The "gentle" refers  to how it will affect your hands, not how well it cuts through grease, grime,  and wax. A better solution is to choose a product specifically designed as a car  wash and wax. This type of car wash liquid, in contrast to a dishwashing or  other liquid cleaning agent, will not damage the finish on your car or scratch  the paint. Even some liquid household cleaners that appear "soft" can contain  abrasives that can cause many tiny scratches on your car, leading to a dull  appearance and rusting vulnerability. A car wash solution is designed to clean,  shine, and protect. Many are designed for multiple purposes, combining both  cleaning and waxing agents, which make the job of cleaning your car that much  easier. It's a one-step process. (One multi-purpose car wash and wax product is  the Fuller Brush item "#668 car wash and wax concentrate.")

When cleaning your car, use the "top down" cleaning method. The concept is  that you start at the top and work your way down, so that the dirt flows  downward and off your car. In other words, allow gravity to help you. Fill a  bucket with cool water and either follow the directions on the car wash solution  product label or simply add a small amount. These products are concentrated, and  you don't need much to obtain a good clean. If your car has some buildup, such  as dirt, road tar, grease, or bugs, consider using a car mitt specifically  designed for use on vehicles with a car wash liquid. Again, these products are  designed to not scrape or scratch the finish on your car. Also, when using a  quality car wash and wax product, there is no need to use a high-powered spray  nozzle. Some people do not use any type of a nozzle at all, but simply wet the  car with a light flow of water from the hose. Dip the mitt in the bucket so that  the dirt will fall off as you remove it; this helps ensure that no dirt will  scratch your car. After all, there's no point in using a good quality car wash  and wax if you're only going to scrape your car with the dirt you're trying to  remove! Use gentle scrubbing motions with the mitt, and rinse and dry as soon as  you are finished. Many absorbent towels are available for use on vehicles and  other specialty uses that won't scratch or damage. A good, 100% cotton towel is  best. To ensure that you don't damage the finish, use blotting motions rather  than wiping.

The Cleaning Tools for Car Washing You Need to  Make Yourself Look Good

The number one benefit of washing your car on a regular basis is that it  looks good. This is important because whether you admit it or not, your car says  a lot about you. If it is caked in mud from your off-roading weekend adventure,  your car shows that you like to have fun and take risks. But if your car is  covered in pollen, bugs, and a film of dust, your car projects a different  image. Keeping your car clean helps to keep up the image you want. To make sure  you get the best results when cleaning your car, you must use great cleaning  tools for car washing.

Best Car Wash Soaps
When thinking about your car  washing project, a natural question to ask is, "what kind of soap can I wash my  car with?" To answer this question, the first thing you need when it comes to  selecting car cleaning tools is to identify the best car wash soaps for your  car. Picking up the dish soap from your kitchen sink may seem easy enough, but  it may not be good for you car. Using kitchen soap products may initially get  your car clean, but they also can cause imperfections in the paint. After you  have finished washing your car you do not want to see paint beginning to chip  and peel or discoloration anywhere on the body of your car.

So the answer to your initial question, "what kind of soap can I wash my car  with?" is any soap or concentrate that is specifically designed for car washing.  These products are the best car wash soaps to use. There are many different  formulas to choose from such as (Fuller’s # 666 Car Wash Concentrate). Trial and  error will help you to identify the formulas that fit your budget and your car  washing needs.

Car Wash Mits
Once you have chosen your soap, sponges are  the next type of cleaning tools for car washing you must think about. Sponges  come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures but sometimes they just don’t  get the job done. Car wash mits like (Fuller’s # 141 Car Wash Mitt) can cover  more surface area than a single sponge can, and they are easier to handle than a  sponge. Car wash mits protect your hand during the washing process so that your  hands do not get that pruny feeling. Additionally, many car wash mits like  (Fuller’s # 141 Car Wash Mitt) have different textures included on their surface  area. Coarse surfaces will help you to remove bugs and other sticky areas  quickly and with ease.

Tire Brush
In addition to using the best car wash soaps  for your vehicle and quality car wash mits, tire brushes will help you to knock  away extra dirt and residue your tires have accumulated. Do not use your car  wash mits on your tires because if you have ever tried a sponge on your tires,  you will know that tires are dirtier than they may seem. Using sponges or car  wash mits on your tires will deteriorate the quality of these items. Since you  don’t want to have to replace your car cleaning tools needlessly, make sure to  use a tire brush such as (Fuller’s # 226 Tire Scrub Brush). There are also  cleaners designed specifically for the removal of dirt around your tires. If  your tires need that extra help, look into products specifically designed for it  like (Fuller’s # 671 Tire Sidewall Cleaner).

Protectant Car Wax and Polish
After you have successfully  washed your vehicle you must have protectant car wax and polish available as one  of your car cleaning tools resources. Protectant car wax and polish like  (Fuller’s # 796 Quick Shine Car Polish) will add to the shiny appearance of your  car’s finish. Protectant car wax and polish products will also protect your car  from accumulating imperfections until the next time you wash it. If you are  serious about keeping your car’s image as good as your own, you will not skimp  on the final step of using protectant car wax and polish. Products like  (Fuller’s # 795 Tire Glo) can also put a shine to your tires which will complete  your car’s appearance perfectly.

Cars can be a lot more than just a means to getting around. They are often  seen and judged by those around you. It is important for your image to take care  of your car with cleaning tools for car washing that get the job done. These  tools will make the process of washing your car much easier and make your car  something you can be proud of.

Your Celebrations may not be good news for your  furniture

party at home is as much a test of strength of your furniture as it is of  your nerves. However, a most conspicuous difference is- that while you may  afford the luxury of taking time off to relax and recuperate, your furniture  shall have none of it. A little negligence on your part could lead to permanent  disfiguring, discoloring or may cause some other similar hazard to your precious  wooden furniture collection. Possible mishaps could be-a strain on the joints  (if you move your wooden furniture too much to arrange it in the best possible  fashion for your party or if it is handled carelessly), a spill or scratches.  While you may easily be able to take care of the minor problems (such as  accumulated dust) by a good dusting, the problems mentioned above may need  immediate attention and sometimes, even professional help.

The Post-Party dangers

So, the celebrations are over. And your wooden furniture may have survived it  all. But is it absolutely safe now? Not if you are negligent in the day-to-day  care of your furniture. Wooden furniture is especially sensitive to the  environmental conditions- heat, light and humidity. The excess (and sometimes  the lack) of either of these three can cause permanent damage to wooden  furniture. If you place your wooden furniture in a brightly lit zone, the light  will turn your light wooden furniture dark and will bleach the darker ones. The  other possible damages could be to the finish or the paint on your furniture.  Humidity poses an even greater danger because it is not an easily controlled  factor. Too much humidity swells up the wood and too less humidity causes the  wood to give off moisture that results in splitting or cracking of wood.

Other than the environmental factors that may sometimes be beyond your reach,  you may cause irreparable damage to your furniture by sheer negligence. Moving  furniture in an improper fashion often causes scratches. Most people pick up  furniture at its weakest point e.g. top, back or arms or may even be foolish (no  offence!) enough to drag it.

The Danger signs

Your keen eye may sometimes be able to save your wooden furniture and prevent  its further deterioration. Some tell –tale signs of trouble and what they could  mean are given below,
Sawdust under a piece of furniture--Insect  Infestation
Cloudy white patches--Water spills
Swelling in the wood--high  moisture level
Growth of Mould--High humidity
Splits or cracks--Low  moisture level

And, finally “The Remedies”

Like I mentioned earlier, a good dusting and a good stable environment may  often be the cure of most problems related to wooden furniture. In rare cases,  you may have to consult an exterminator or conservator. This would be called for  in cases where your furniture is found to be infested with insects or it needs  extensive repair. For a stable environment, the use of humidifiers and  dehumidifiers is recommended to maintain the acceptable RH level. Monitor the  temperature with the use of a thermometer. Do not place the furniture in direct  sunlight and if possible, apply a film to windows to screen the UV light.

The markets abound with dusters that are specially designed to clean wooden  furniture (Fuller Brush # 153 Go Around Duster). If you are exotic in nature,  you may like to procure a lambs wool or an ostrich feather duster for dusting  your furniture. (Fuller Brush # 156 Lamdswool Duster, Fuller Brush #136 Ostrich  Feather Duster). Mitts may also be used for this purpose (Fuller Brush #158  Polishing and Cleaning Mitt). There are a number of commercially available  products that may contribute to the longevity of your furniture. A favorite,  these days, are the wax polishes. They protect the wood against moisture and  pollution. Some of these contain silicone that forms a barrier to dust and  stains (Fuller Brush # 749 Lemon D.C.W Furniture Wax). Certain oils containing  Lemon are also recommended to prevent your wooden furniture from drying and  cracking (Fuller Brush # 741 Lemon Furniture Oil). Also available are furniture  creams that are used for the same purpose i.e. nourishing the wood (Fuller Brush  # 692 Rich Furniture Creme).

In conclusion, if you wish to keep your wooden furniture looking elegant and  maintain its original luster, then follow the solutions and guidelines and most  importantly the preventions mentioned above. Be sure that your wooden furniture  will continue to add elegance, class and beauty to your home for a long, long  time.

Keeping the Kitchen Clean: The Advantages of a Clean  Sweep Broom

What is it about kitchen floors that attract not only all kinds of fallen  food particles, but dust bunnies, pet hair, and other random small pieces of  debris? This accumulation of "stuff" is unsanitary in general, and for those  with small children, temptation for taste-testing and choking hazards. Dirt and  dust kicked up from a kitchen floor can end up in food and cooking utensils.  Using an effective cleaning method can drastically help maintain floor  cleanliness prior to and in between mopping. For many people, a clean sweep  broom is an economical, easy answer.

Choosing a Broom
Many people opt for a kitchen  broom because they are lightweight, easy to use and store, and are economical in  both cost and time. There are many broom styles available, each with different  purposes. While many people are aware of some basic brooms, such as a large push  broom, wide clean sweep broom, or hand broom, many consumers may not be aware of  the differences in design. Everything from bristle content to shape and handle  length can affect the usefulness of the broom. However, when chosen  appropriately, the correct broom can make a "clean sweep" of cleaning.

A kitchen broom's effectiveness depends on the type of bristles (synthetic  verses natural), how well the bristles contain debris, and how well they sweep  debris into a dustpan. A clean sweep broom is the best choice for a kitchen.  Clean sweep brooms typically have a wider head, with some up to three feet wide.  However, if too wide, the broom can be difficult to maneuver in a kitchen space.  A clean sweep broom designed for kitchen use is easier to use while still  offering the benefits of the clean sweep design. (The Fuller Broom "#223823  Kitchen Broom" is one such example, with a head width of ten inches.) A shorter  head also makes transferring to a dustpan much easier.

A stiff bristle that sprays dust around when using a dustpan defeats the  purpose. Likewise, using a clean sweep broom and then switching to a handheld  broom is an inefficient use of time (and a handheld broom may not do any better  of a job at transferring debris into a dustpan). To avoid the spread of dust,  look for a clean sweep broom that has frayed or "flagged" bristles. This helps  the broom lock in debris, particularly small dust particles. The flagged design  of a clean sweep broom also makes it effective on a variety of flooring styles,  from bumpy laminate to tile to hardwood. Soft bristles also reduce or eliminate  floor damage. An angled head can help reach those nooks and crannies, as well. A  kitchen broom head that is angled or splayed on either side eliminates the need  to switch the broom around, which in turn keeps the dust under control.

The handle length is also an important element to consider. If too short,  poor posture and back strain can result. Look for a kitchen broom with ample  length, but not so long that it is difficult to maneuver when sweeping into the  dustpan. When used with an upright dustpan, sweeping and clean up can be a  breeze. A handle ranging from about thirty-six to forty inches is comfortable  for most people. Ideally, the clean sweep broom will have a method of hanging,  such as a hole in the top end of the handle or a cord. Hanging the broom when  not in use protects the bristles from damage and keeps moisture from  accumulating in the bristles.

The Care of a Clean Sweep  Broom
Can you clean a broom? Absolutely. Avoid banging the  head of a broom against a wall or other hard surface to shake out the dust, as  this can damage the head and pollute the immediate air space. (Nor is this the  broom to use for beating area rugs to clean them!) Instead, look for a broom  that is made from fibers such as plastics that rinse clean easily. Rinsing is  more effective and keeps the dust controlled. Adding mild soap and water will  assist in the process if there is a lot of dust buildup. If the heads are  removable (such as with The Fuller Brush "#223823 Kitchen Broom"), the cleaning  process is that much simpler. If the broom head becomes moldy, try cleaning it  first, and if it is still too dirty, replace the head. Hanging a clean sweep, or  any other type of broom, will help eliminate moisture getting into the bristles,  which can develop into mold or mildew. Synthetic bristle fibers help reduce the  chances of molds or mildews developing, although proper storage is still  required.


Repairing Household Cleaning Equipment


One thing we probably don’t stop to think about everyday in terms  or our home is cleaning equipment repair. Of course as soon as something doesn’t  work right, then the subject comes to mind. The best way to avoid having to fix  something is to take care of it in the first place.

For example most of us have floor or bathtub cleaners and/ or stand-up dust pans with screw on handles. If we happen to break the handle,  rather than throwing the whole implement away, it costs less and is easier on  the environment to replace the handle (#820, #803 Fuller One Piece Steel  Handle). Cleaning equipment repair is more responsible than treating everything  we own as disposable. In fact, this is something we should add to our list of  helpful household hints.

Many companies are coming out with flimsy cleaning implements that  can easily be thrown away. They try to appeal to consumers by saying these items  will make their household cleaning schedules go more quickly. When you stop and  think about it, cleaning is cleaning. It makes more sense to use sturdy tools  and practice cleaning equipment repair. For one thing our landfills are  overflowing and it’s silly to run to the store every month to buy something that  would last for years if we just take good care of it.

Planning Your Time

These days it seems we’re all so busy that we don’t know where the  days even go. We get up on Monday morning, get the kids off to school, and head  to work. The next thing we know, it’s Friday and we don’t know where the week  went. Week-ends fly by, and we’re back at Monday already. Somewhere in that  blur, we need to do some cleaning. It’s helpful and smart to create household  cleaning schedules. Using this technique, it will be easier to stay on top of  our chores. Part of the routine should be cleaning equipment repair.

If we keep everything in top working order all the time, we won’t  have to stop and order a part or take something to be repaired. A simple example  is to keep an extra vacuum cleaner belt on hand. That way if you’re vacuuming  one day and the belt breaks, you’ll be able to just put on the new one. This is  an instance of thinking ahead about cleaning equipment repair. You can find a  lot of books and websites offering helpful household hints, but most of them  forget this important idea.

Outdoor Cleaning

Not all of the routine cleaning on our household cleaning  schedules is inside the house. Although we may not do it each week, we  definitely should keep the outside of our homes and the surrounding areas neat  and tidy. This includes windows, patios and decks, siding, yards, and of course  our cars and driveways. Not only do we feel a sense of pride when we put our  helpful household hints to use outdoors, but our neighbors appreciate living in  a tidy neighborhood. Once again it’s just as important to keep ahead of the game  by maintaining cleaning equipment repair.

Outdoor cleaning presents some variables that we may not find  inside the home. If we have a two-story house for instance, the windows and side  walls will call for a squeegee with a long handle. Probably the ladder will have  to come out as well.

Once again cleaning equipment repair is important. We may want to  add a longer handle to the squeegee head or put another squeegee on an existing  handle (Fuller #808 Adjustable Telescopic Handle). No matter what chore we’re  attacking, we write our household cleaning schedules for a good reason. We want  to be well organized and finish our tasks as efficiently and quickly as  possible.

Car Care

In addition to the inside and outside of the house, we also need  to put some focus on our cars. The price of automobiles has gone through the  roof. In many cases that means we’ll be driving them longer. Even if we’re able  to buy a new one every year, we still need to keep them clean and in good  working order. Most of us spend hours and hours each week in our cars and  there’s no good reason for them to be messy and dirty.

Washing a car is good for the finish. With so much pollution in  the air, it’s constantly being bombarded by harsh chemicals. Use mild  eco-friendly soap and a soft brush made specifically for auto paint. Something  else you should add to your list of helpful household hints is to turn the water  off while you’re not actually hosing the car. You can also attach a nozzle that  only activates the water when you push on it.

In the spirit of cleaning equipment repair, you can keep the same  handle and change the brush head when it starts to wear out (Fuller Brush#227  Vehicle Wash Brush Replacement Head).

Keeping Your Home Clean and Your Family Safe When Using  a Degreaser Cleaner

When you have a heavy-duty cleaning job in front of you, such as cleaning out  the oven or other built-up gunk, you need a heavy-duty cleaning tool. However,  many degreasers are filled with harsh and sometimes potentially toxic or harmful  chemicals. Many of these chemicals do in fact aid in the cleaning power of the  product, but the difference is not enough that it makes a noticeable difference.  A chemically-laden degreaser cleaner will not outperform a less-toxic  counterpart enough to make a difference in the cleaning power, but it will make  a difference in your home's safety and harm to the environment.

One of the primary reasons that manufacturers use harsh chemicals in the  products is because consumers have been conditioned to believe that those  chemicals are necessary in order to achieve the cleaning power required.  Unfortunately, many of these harsh chemicals cause a number of unpleasant side  effects. Many of these strong chemicals have strong odors that create indoor air  pollution. Often a significant amount of ventilation is required when using  these cleaners, and the products recommend this on the packaging. The strong  odors can cause headaches, dizziness, and queasiness among others. Some research  has pointed that the inhalation of such strong chemicals can lead to serious  health problems. Some have also determined that pregnant women should not use  such cleaning agents as the inhaled fumes could affect the unborn baby.

Additionally, many of these harsh chemical agents are very damaging to the  environment, and many product labels state specific methods for disposing of the  containers, such as wrapping them in plastic. Obviously, this adds additional  waste to the landfill. Such products can also be dangerous if direct skin  contact occurs, so use of rubber gloves or other protection is recommended.  Again, these add more waste to landfills and take time to biodegrade.

The good news is that citrus degreasers and other natural ingredients can  clean just as effectively as these harsh chemical products without the harmful  side effects. There are degreaser cleaners now available that are biodegradable  and made from naturally occurring cleaning agents that do not cause household  harm. (One such example is the Fuller Brush product "#625 Fulsol Spray and  Wipe," a citrus-based biodegradable degreaser cleaner.)
While there are  still some precautions, such as keeping a degreaser cleaner out of the reach of  children, overall they are much safer products. As manufacturers become  increasingly aware of the affects on the environment, many biodegradable  degreaser cleaner products are packaged in recycled plastic. Additionally,  disposing of the containers afterward is much easier as well, as the plastic can  again go into the recycle bin as opposed to being wrapped in plastic and put in  the trash.

Many large companies are using citrus degreasers and other biodegradable  degreaser cleaners, not only because of the environmental benefits, but because  the products work. While most people think of citrus products as coming from  oranges, many are made from corn with orange oils added for extra cleaning power  and a pleasant smell. If you are unsure if a product contains citrus, the  chemical name is "D-limolene." Orange oil by itself is a very powerful cleaner,  which is why it is used in smaller amounts in degreaser cleaners. It is mixed  with other ingredients, that when combined, allow the degreaser cleaner to lift  and dissolve dirt and grime. This combination makes them very effective products  that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Some people may associate a degreaser cleaner with cleaning an oven,  barbeque, or for cleaning an engine. However, because of the effectiveness and  safety of a biodegradable degreaser cleaner, the product can be used for  anything from cleaning engines to removing carpet stains, depending on the  product and its strength. Always read the directions on the label! Many provide  options for diluting to create a cleaner that is appropriate for the situation,  such as removing oil stains from clothing. Other potential areas for a citrus  degreaser cleaner include the bathtub, shower, toilet, floor, grout, tile,  cement, glass, and removing sap, among others. There are many uses for a  degreaser cleaner.

Researchers are investigating other uses for citrus in addition to such  products as degreaser cleaners. Such uses include areas in agriculture and in  other products that now pose hazards to human, animal, and environmental health.  However, because they are so effective for this purpose, degreaser cleaners that  are environmentally friendly are going to be around for a long time.

Keeping Dust Under Control with a Dust  Spray

For those with allergies or asthma, keeping dust under control is essential  to overall health. It is also a good idea for those without any health problems  and a buildup of dust can cause cold-like symptoms if breathed in too much.  Additionally, too much dust attracts other nuisances such as dust mites, which  live in dust and can spread to other parts of your home. A dust spray can help  prevent dust from flying around in the air as you clean, making cleanup much  more effective and sanitary.

Dust mites do not simply live in the layer of dust across the uppermost shelf  in your home. They also live in bedding, couches, carpet, stuffed toys and old  clothing, and are similar in appearance to spiders or ticks--although they  cannot be seen by the naked eye. There are two types of dust mites, American and  European house dust mites. As you may know, much of what we see as dust is  actually dead skin that we people shed on a regular basis. Dust mites feed off  of dead skin and other organic materials in dust.

You may have dust mites and not know it--only people who are allergic will  react to dust mites. Dust mites also shed their skin, and people who are  allergic react to this dead skin and dust mite feces. Reactions can range from a  runny nose to a severe asthma attack. Dust mites can be difficult to get rid of,  and they prefer humid environments, so avoid using humidifiers if you have a  dust mite problem. For people with sever reactions, measures that are more  drastic may be required, such as encasing bedding in plastic covers and removing  draperies. For those with less serious reactions, a regular control program can  make a big difference. Using a spray for dust mites is one method to keep the  problem under control. Dust spray binds the dust, making it easier to clean and  remove. It can also be used on multiple surfaces, such as floors, shelves,  furniture, window blinds, lamps, picture frames, and more. Dust mite spray  allows you to clean all over the house and reduce the chances of dust mites  spreading.

Because dust spray helps keep dust "together," it can be used with a wide  range of dusting tools, which makes cleaning easier because you can use a  long-handled duster in combination with a dust spray and not worry about the  dust falling back to the floor. Instead, it will be trapped in the duster by the  dust spray. (One example is the Fuller Brush product "#756 Duster Spray"." Be  sure to clean your dusting tools effectively, particularly if you have a dust  mite problem and are using a dust mite spray. After dusting, take the tools  outside away from the house. Give the tools a good shake to remove the dust from  the tool. Avoid banging the tools on the wall or concrete, as this can damage  them. Depending on the tool you use, you may be able to wash the duster. Using a  dust spray in combination with a synthetic duster can be a great solution to a  dust mite problem. A spray for dust mites binds the dust, and the synthetic  cleaner can be washed afterward with warm, soapy water. Be sure to store your  dusters in a way that keeps pressure off the dusting head, as this can damage  them. Dust spray also works great with dusting cloths, and these can be machine  washed afterward.

Even when using a dust spray, it is a good idea to use top-down cleaning.  Start with the uppermost areas and work your way down. This way, should any dust  float downward, you can "catch" it as you work from the upper shelves or taller  furniture down to the lower shelves and furniture. To minimize "losing" some  dust, spray your tool directly with the dust spray rather than spraying the  furniture directly. The pressure from the sprayer can blow dust away on  furniture, but this will not happen when spraying the cleaning tool.

To keep dust and dust mites under control, dust with a dust spray every time.  Even if there is no visible dust, that does not mean it is not there. Dust mites  cannot be seen by the naked eye, so regular cleaning is essential. Also,  consider using other preventative measures such as an indoor air filter. A  filtered vacuum can also help keep the problem under control.

often grows after  you’ve had some sort of water problem. Even something like an overflowing toilet  or leaky washing machine can attract mold spores. Since mold grows fast and can  invade at anytime, you should have a mold disinfectant available (#761  Industrial Germicidal Cleaner). This is especially true if you live in a damp or  humid climate, use a humidifier, and daily temperatures range between 40 and 100  degrees Fahrenheit.

There are definite steps you should take when you find mold, as  you don’t want it to be a permanent houseguest. First of all read over your get  rid of mold in my house free information. It’s important that you eradicate  every sign of mold as it will just keep spreading if you don’t.

Before you attack the mold and handle any chemicals, be sure to  protect yourself from breathing in the spores or making skin contact. You should  wear eye goggles, a mask over your nose and mouth, and rubber or latex gloves.  Your clothing should be made from a washable fabric, as you’ll need to put them  through the washer and dryer as soon as you’ve finished your mold disinfectant  project.

If your home has many of the conditions that make it extra  susceptible to mold, vacuum carpets and clean hard surfaced floors regularly. Be  especially vigilant in damp areas. Any time you have a leak, repair the problem  that caused it right away. Use your mold disinfectant since the spores are so  difficult to detect.


Bathrooms attract mold because they are damp, in the ideal  temperature range, and there are lots of materials in there for mold to feast  on. You should regularly use a mold disinfectant when you do your routine  cleaning (#9841 Fullsan Quaternary Germicidal Cleaner). In fact it’s a great  idea to create a bathroom cleaning check sheet to ensure that you don’t miss any  possible mold growing hotspots. Include such things as:

* Scrub the shower curtain with mold disinfectant
* Frequently  wash all towels, bath mats, and area rugs
* Thoroughly clean sinks, tubs,  showers, and toilets If your bathroom is carpeted, vacuum (they are best with
   hard surfaced flooring)
* Wash uncarpeted flooring

When you work with your bathroom cleaning check sheet each time,  you won’t accidentally forget to do one of these critical tasks.

If you have mold on your deck, sidings, or roof, use a pressure  washing product (# 574 Pressure Washer Mold and Mildew Cleaner).

Mold is something you definitely don’t want to live with. A little  diligence and good cleaning habits will help you avoid this annoying problem. To  learn more about it, read more get rid of mold in my house free information.  Also, don’t forget to make up your bathroom cleaning check sheet.



Eliminating Odors with an Effective Fabric  Deodorizer

Some odors seem to linger for days or even weeks, such as cigarette smoke and  pet smells. To maintain an odor-free home, regular treatment with a fabric  deodorizer is a safe and effective method. One of the key tricks to eliminating  odors is to find a method that safely eliminates the odor without masking it.  Many methods for eliminating odors only cover-up the odor rather than remove it.  When smells are caught in fabrics, such as clothing, furniture, or carpet,  masking odor only adds more "stuff" on top of the original offender, which means  even more to clean. Additionally, some methods that mask odors are temporary,  and some can even be harmful if harsh chemicals are used. Is it possible to  remove lingering odors in a safe manner that will not add air pollution to your  home or build-up residue on fabrics? The good news is that it is possible using  a fabric deodorizer and proper cleaning techniques.

For strong smells in large areas such as on carpets, drapes, and furniture,  the first impulse is often to think that something just as strong must be used  to remove the smell. While steam cleaning machines appear to be big and powerful  (and they can be), one drawback to steam cleaning is that it can set-in strong  odors through the combination of steam and heat, thereby creating exactly the  opposite of what is desired. Prior to steam cleaning, odors can be removed using  a natural fabric and carpet deodorizer. One that uses natural ingredients is  best, as these are less harmful to you and the environment. Natural fabric and  carpet deodorizers also do not mask the smell; rather, the combination of  natural ingredients work together to eliminate odors. (One such example of a  natural fabric and carpet deodorizer is the Fuller "610 Nature's Choice Odor  Away.")

When cleaning carpets in particular, the affected area requires investigation  prior to treatment. If possible, determine if the odor has seeped through the  carpet backing and into the pad. This requires lifting the carpet to see if  there is a visible stain on the pad. If so, clean the pad and carpet backing  with the fabric deodorizer, let dry, and replace. If you are unable to lift the  carpet and are quite sure the cause of the odor seeped through, you can use a  syringe to inject fabric deodorizer underneath the carpet and into the  padding.

Prior to using a carpet deodorizer, vacuum the area thoroughly, avoiding the  use of any powder products directly on the carpet. Once you have vacuumed, apply  the carpet deodorizer according to the product directions. Many can be applied  directly to carpet using a spray bottle, which is quick and effective. Once the  product has dried, smell test the area for any lingering odors. The procedure  may need to be repeated a few times to completely remove the smell. After the  fabric deodorizer has completely removed the odor, then it is safe to steam  clean, and you can rest easy knowing that you won't be setting-in any long-term  odors.

The same process can be used on drapery on a regular basis or prior to  cleaning. Many dry cleaners use both steam and dry heat, so it is a good idea to  use a fabric deodorizer on your draperies prior to dry cleaning, even though  this seems counter-intuitive. As with carpet, apply a natural fabric deodorizer  to the drapes using a spray bottle and allow time to dry. Test for odors and  repeat as necessary.

Fabric deodorizers can also be used effectively on furniture, where odors  tend to accumulate easily from causes in the air, such as smoke, and repeated  use by both people and pets. Vacuum furniture thoroughly prior to using a  deodorizer, and then apply as directed. A good deodorizer will not stain fabric,  although it is still a good idea to do a test on an area that is out of view. A  natural fabric deodorizer may be less likely to stain.

Some odors that have set-in or are extra strong may need a more thorough  cleaning (such as a bad urine stain). In this instance, use a fabric deodorizer  to neutralize the smell and as an ongoing treatment following the initial  treatment. This will keep pets from returning to the same spot, as it won't have  the odor marking the area. Using a fabric deodorizer on a regular basis also  keeps other odors from setting in and your home smelling fresh and clean.

Adding Fun to Your House Cleaning: Fuller Brush Outlet  Shopping

It seems we are all starting to sense we may be spending a little too much  time in front of computers. The seasons are changing outside the windows, but  the window right in front of us only changes with our screensaver. The amount of  time we spend sitting at computers makes even seasonal rituals like cleaning  gain a little allure, and the prospect of a leisurely drive to an outlet mall  may be just what you need to draw you to your feet. If you are lucky, you can  combine the urge to clean with a pleasant drive. Dedicated Fuller Brush outlets  are now located in seven sites, with several smaller mini-outlets in additional  locations, carrying a good range of trusted professional cleaning supplies, as  well as laundry and cleaning tools.

It’s not insane to actually relish the prospect of making your house shine.  Your house is your home. Your home is you. What your mother taught you is still  true: It doesn’t matter if your clothes are humble or expensive a clean and  happy face is what matters. It’s the same with your home. If it’s clean, it will  look good. If it looks good, you look good. Fuller Brush outlet stores are one  way you can buy products you trust at prices you can afford. Plus, because of  the way outlet stores are traditionally situated in slightly out-of-the-way  places, you get the bonus of an unhurried drive. Call a friend, call two, and do  it together. Outlet shopping is not just shopping; it is truly an outlet and an  outing, a reminder of the good old days when to own a car was to own a precious  freedom.

Perhaps you’re not old enough to remember another part of those good old  days, when the Fuller Brush Man would actually come ringing doorbells and sit  down in the living room with your mom, a cup of her exceptionally weak coffee  and a sample case. Those days are pretty much gone, but hey. The Fuller Brush  Company’s tradition of quality products, including both professional cleaning  supplies as well as essential laundry and cleaning tools, is still alive and  well. Round up your best friend, pick a gorgeous day, stop at your local  coffeeshop for some tall, intense coffee drinks, and head for the closest outlet  mall. What could be a better way to combine mundane chores with some fun?

Don’t let anyone belittle you for getting a good feeling from cleaning. It’s  satisfying. It’s physical, it protects and presents your biggest investment, and  it’s downright cleansing to your soul. Get yourself some fulfilling tools for  the job. Stop trying to chase flying dog hair with your vacuum attachment: get a  miracle mop (Treated Dust Mop) to make it easier. Tired of bending over to pick  up lost straws after finishing sweeping? Replace your beat up old straw broom  with a nice, new polypropylene and steel broom (Angle Broom). Want to extend the  life of your clothes dryer and make it more efficient? Get a brush to clean the  lint from it (Clothes Dryer Vent Brush). All of these laundry and cleaning  tools, along with other professional cleaning supplies, are available from the  respected Fuller Brush Company, at its outlet stores or online.

Buying cheaply made products has never been a good idea, though at times in  our lives it’s sometimes necessary. Buying well made products cheaply, however,  is an idea whose worth is constant regardless of financial circumstance. This is  the basis of outlet shopping. You go an extra mile to get a special product that  will last you longer and save you money. Make that shopping trip into an outing  that’s pleasurable, and you also gain a great day with friends on the road,  which is, as they say, priceless. Who knows? Maybe your outing to the Fuller  Brush outlet store will result in another amazingly simple way to spend a great  day with your friends: a house cleaning exchange. The hostess supplies  breakfast, you all bring your favorite music, and housecleaning becomes a party.  Nothing is really unthinkable; who said housework had to be drudgery?

Purchasing laundry and cleaning tools may not sound all that exciting, even  if you elevate their status by calling them professional cleaning supplies.  Still, life is what you make it, the glass half-empty or half-full. So go ahead.  Add a little adventure and fun to the ordinary. Make your visit to the Fuller  Brush outlet store the beginning of a special season of friendship and fun and,  yes, cleaning!


How to Make the Most Out of Your Bathroom Cleaning  Products

One of the most important parts of your house cleaning routine is paying  attention to your bathroom, especially since you use it daily. It is ideal that  when you do your routine cleaning, bathroom maintenance should be done once a  week in order to keep it looking as good as new. Here are some bathroom cleaning  tips that will help keep your bathroom disinfected and clean.

General bathroom cleaning tips

Before you embark on a quest to clean your bathroom, be sure that you know  the basics first. It may sound like common sense, but it’s good to be reminded  that you should clean the filthiest area last. Start with the areas that need  less work. This will lessen the possibility of contamination among the different  areas of your bathroom. If you can, cleaning bathrooms after a steamy shower or  bath is ideal. This is because the steam tends to loosen the dirt, making it  easier for you to wipe it away. Also, if you have any glass doors or mirrors in  your bathroom, it would be very handy for you to keep a squeegee within reach.  This will allow you to prevent staining these surfaces by wiping them  immediately after they get wet. It is also ideal that you have handy bathroom  wipes (Fullsan Disinfecting Wipes) available in your bathroom supply cabinet for  emergency bathroom cleaning. Make sure that these wipes not only smell good, but  are also capable of removing most of the germs and bacteria in your  bathroom.

Mildew Removal and Prevention

Mildew is a common problem among most bathrooms. If you find little spots of  mildew stain on your bathroom ceiling, walls or doors, applying car wax (Fuller  Brush Car Wash & Wax Concentrate) on these areas will help keep out the  water and prevent the mildew from growing any further. Applying the car wax  every six months should be enough to keep the water out of the pores in your  ceiling, etc. For added mildew prevention, you can apply an industrial strength  germicidal cleaner (Fuller Brush Industrial Germicidal Cleaner) with active  ingredients that help with mildew and mold removal. Since it doesn’t have the  same slippery finish as car wax, you can use the germicidal industrial cleaning  product safely on your floors.

Keeping your tub and shower clean

When you clean the shower area of your bathroom, you can use an all-purpose  cleaner (Fuller Brush Bath Clean) to get the job done. It would be better for  you to use a cleaner (such as Fuller Brush Bath Clean) that can protect your  bathroom from grime, as well as easily dissolve excess soap and hard water  stains. Spread your cleaner on the floor of the shower area, as well as the  shower curtains in order to prevent any build-up of dirt and germs. Leave the  cleaner on for 10 minutes before you scrub it off. Do this weekly.

If your bathtub has developed a nasty looking ring around it, using the same  type of all-purpose cleaner (Fuller Brush Bath Clean) can get rid of it. Apply  the cleaner around your bathtub ring. You can use a bathtub swab (Fuller Brush  Bathtub Swab) to apply the cleaner. This should remove the bathtub ring  completely.

Maintaining a clean toilet

Your toilet bowl would probably need the most amount of cleaning. Bathroom  cleanser and a toilet bowl brush (Fuller Brush Long-Life Heavy-Duty Toilet Bowl  Brush) will often do the trick, but when this kind of treatment no longer works,  try using an industrial strength cleaner (Fuller Brush Extra Strength Bowl  Cleaner). Apply the toilet bowl cleaner and let it rest for five minutes before  you scrub it off with the toilet bowl brush.

Making Your Bathroom Fixtures Sparkle

If your bathroom has chrome fixtures, you can polish them by using a  peroxide-based cleaner. Using this type of cleaner will restore their original  shine and also remove any unwanted scratches that can become the cause of future  buildup. Keep in mind that if you have any brass or gold-plated fixtures, using  powdered cleansers on them may cause corrosion. You can also use metal polish or  baby oil to do this.

A good bathroom cleaning routine involves not only the proper cleaning tools,  but also using these tools properly. Your bathroom supply cabinet should be  stocked with bathroom cleaning products that can help you with your toughest  cleaning problems, as well as meet your personal standards in terms of scent and  environment-friendliness. That way, your bathroom will literally seem like a throne room.