The economy is terrible. Will Fuller survive?
Should I wait to get involved with Fuller Brush?

I love it. Those are comments I get fairly regularly.

Turn off your TV and stop listening to those scaremongers and take charge of your

life. I'm self-employed as a Fuller Brush Man. I haven't noticed any economic

problems. What does the future look like for Fuller Brush? Well, do you know when the Fuller Brush

Company had its most substantial growth and established its place in American history? It was during the

Great Depression when nobody had jobs, or money to waste. We are still the same company in the major

ways that we were back then, and flourishing for 103 years. People need products that are a real long-term

value that get the job done right the first time, saving people valuable time and money. Also, people who are

unemployed or under-employed, need extra money to support their families. WE do well in recessions.

I have seen a great increase in the number of people asking for information about our home business

opportunity this year. The only question for future or even current distributors is, paraphrasing President

Obama, can you/ will you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and show some responsibility? WE are

fortunate enough to have that ability ready at hand. Just get off your buts or butts and create your own

prosperity. People respect American entrepreneurship, especially with American products, so besides relying

on just passive internet business, go out there and mention Fuller Brush to everyone you meet, with a

positive confident attitude about our products and home business opportunity. We can create a Positive

economic spiral. Yes, We Can! You will be both surprised and motivated by the response you get. People

like helping their own local economy, buying from their local distributor. Build new relationships and

friendships. The stories your customers tell you about their or their mothers use of the products can be very

inspiring. I even have customers regularly ordering that I met 15 years ago, even though I now live an hour

away. My business is successful enough now to run on autopilot, but I personally find customer response and

stories from direct sales very motivating. Some of you ask just how business compares with previous

months and years. I find it all averages out and really dont notice any long term downturns. Frankly,

November being a short month did create a slow November. But, as I check my database, December was our

best December EVER in group volume by $6000! The 10% off sale on January specials helped with that.

And our DWT total group volume for the year remained over $1-million. January and February have also

had extra 10%-off sales in honor of our 103rd anniversary. I hope YOU paid attention and took advantage of

those special offers. ACTIVE distributors have been receiving special mailings from Fuller Brush. Not

receiving them? DO something  order the minimum $35 to count as active and eligible for mailings.

For fastest growth, take advantage of 1. some local direct sales, AND 2. nationwide mailorder and internet

sales, AND 3. sponsoring other people into this terrific opportunity. YES, ALL THREE. Sure you may not

like or want to go out selling products. Just casual selling to people you meet ordinarily is fine. Is that really

worse than going on welfare or losing your home or car? Many tips are in our Retailing & Fullerdirect

manual in our File Library website, as well as in previous newsletters. A Library of six years of newsletters

is on my website. Our Teams private training site has a getting started page, a help topics page answering all

the basic questions, and links to our Q&A Discussion & Announcements Board, and the File Library with

our in-depth training manuals. Response from your local customers will give you the product knowledge,

information, and confidence to be successful in the rest of your business. Even I find local customer response

a motivator to sell more and build my customer and distributor base some more. If you know what the heck

you are talking about, then you will be successful in mailorder and internet sales, and in recruiting your own

distributor team. Recruiting builds a long term volume base so that you will earn a higher commission on

your own sales and purchases, besides an over-ride income on their sales.

Give people our Fuller Gold letter explaining the business opportunity, and THEN send them to join with your ID#,
and no paper apps will be necessary. But remember, if Fuller doesn't have
your correct email

address, then you don't receive their email notifications of your new dealers' contact info to forward to us. If

we don't receive the contact info from you, your new dealers do not exist in our database.

The whole point of Fuller Brush is repeat business. Many of my customers have been ordering from me for

15 years. Build a relationship, even long-distance, and make sure they know that YOU are their Fuller rep,

and that you can help with any cleaning questions they may have. The whole point of fullerdirect is also

repeat business. If one of your customers CALLS in to reorder, they see that s/he is already your customer

and you get the sale by default. However, if the customer just does an internet search for Fuller Brush, not

knowing that it matters who they order from, or even know that they ordered from YOU last time, the order

goes to whoevers website they go to. That is why I keep saying the most cost effective advertising is free

USE your customer list Fuller gives you to build a relationship, to make sure they know that YOU are their

discount FB rep and dont just go searching for any old Fuller site. DO people really order again and again?

One distributor recently checked his fullerdirect customer list and noticed 5 people from a couple months

ago were missing. Fuller checked for him and they had already re-ordered through another distributors

website. YOU need to tell your customers that YOU appreciate their business and want more.

A couple tips to give your business an edge are to offer package deals and to get personal. Point out the

package deals offered in your monthly specials catalogs, and for local customers you can even make your

own specials, especially if you have inventory you want to move. Get personal with good service by showing

your customers that you care and appreciate their business. Call or email your customers thanking them for

ordering whichever products, make sure they are happy with them, answer any questions they may have

about using the products, and find out what cleaning needs they may have in the future. People enjoy seeing

the catalogs, but make sure you have a followup phone # for EVERY catalog you give out. That way you can

find out why some didnt order, maybe her husband threw it out with the junkmail and she didnt know how

to re-contact you. Need more contact or support from us? Email or call us anytime.

Besides giving your customers our many flyers of testimonials (in our File Library of course), TALK about

your favorite products. March specials include the Upholstery Cleaner that I love. Great for cleaning fabricshoes,

and interchangeable with Shoe Clean that Fuller discontinued last year, great for car seats, upholstery,

carpets, rugs, blankets, and clothes. Just spray on and rub with a damp sponge. Also on sale in March that we

have printed flyers on, are the Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper, Sticky Stuff Remover, Bathtub Swab, and Bath

Clean. The flexible #330 Drain Cleaner Brush should be renamed as a small bottle brush. It is great for

getting into small necked bottles and vases to clean all the nooks and crannies, even in old antique bottles

that may have been buried.

Most of our products have a Made in USA label. The Non-slip Pant Hangers are now back in stock. They

and the #202 Reversible Lint Brush are made in Canada. The long #701 EZ Reach Shoehorn (great for the

elderly or disabled) is made in Sweden, home of my g-grandmother. I think those are all as good as USA.

The Fullsparkle Window Cleaning Kit that hooks up to your garden hose is also available again.